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Bob the Space Janitor - ZX Spectrum Game

This was written for Speccy Jam and there are two versions.

The first version was what was written in the jam itself and the second version was post jam, but I'll warn you that the first version is pretty unplayable. I've only included it as it's linked on the Speccy Jam site, the second version, however, is a little more playable with the exception of two bugs that I couldn't work out how to fix. The first bug is that the score will not update when you pick up the junk and the second bug is that you trigger the "You are Dead" screen partway through collecting junk on the 4th level. To get past the second bug, just press "y" and continue collecting junk and that will enable you to finish the game.

The game was written in Z80 assembler and compiled with Pasmo. I will be uploading an infographic showing the assembler for the game very soon. As soon as I do that I will update this page with the location of the infographic.

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