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My Week With Halloween Films in 2018 - Day 3

Date: Wednesday 31st October 2018
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From Beyond (1986)

Two scientists, Edward Pretorius and his assistant Crawford Tilinghast, are building a machine called the Resonator to see beyond reality. However, the machine brings something back which kills Edward, leaving Crawford to escape the house. However, a concerned neighbour has rung the police and they capture Crawford putting him in a mental institution to assess his mental condition before his trial. Dr Katherine McMichaels is brought in to help assess Crawford and gets him to restart the experiment so see whether he is telling the truth.

So we're back to Lovecraft again with this film and it's quite interesting. It's got that strange mix of eroticism and horror, more so than Hellraiser, but does it in a non-forced way. The creature effects are pretty good and Jeffery Combs is a welcome sight back on the screen.

Best makeup moment: Seeing the transformation of Edward Pretorius.

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