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My Week With Halloween Films in 2016 - Day 6

Date: Monday 31st October 2016
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Ghoulies (1985)

Jonathan Graves inherits a house from his dead father, who has ties to Black Magic due to books he and his girlfriend, Rebecca, find in the study. As he is clearing the downstairs cellar Jonathan finds a small chest, upon opening finds a robe with a small note book - containing notes on Black Magic and drawings of arcane symbols. Jonathan seems quite taken by the book to the point that he starts drops school under the guise of "doing up the house". While doing the house up, he secretly starts to partake in Black Magic himself, including trying to summon a demon with his friends at his house party.

Looking at the poster, you could easily believe this was another Gremlins/Critters type of film but it largely isn't. It does have a very slow buildup to the main events of the film but doesn't feel rushed or cheap when the events start to kick off. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series, there are 4 films in total, to see how the series develops.

Most Amusing/Sickly Moment: During a dinner party where the guests are all eating the luxurious food, unknown to them as only Jonathan can see them, the Ghoulies are also tucking in.

Swamp Thing (1982)

In a swamp, in Louisiana, arrives a new member of a top secret research team, however, there are also some paramilitary in the area - lead by Dr. Anton Arcane. Alice Cable meets Dr Holland who takes her through the swamp to check out a malfunctioning sensor. It is found to be disconnected and it turns out that a previous member didn't get to finish the job before being attacked by an alligator. When they return they hear what sounds like a gunshot coming from the bio-engineering lab. But this turns out to be a false alarm as Dr Holland's sister shows Holland that there is a breakthrough in his research, the green watery substance from the formula making a spark and bang when it is thrown on the floor. It isn't long before Dr. Arcane and his paramilitary group storm the bio-engineering lab.

I can't think of anything to say about this film apart from it isn't that bad, especially considering the low budget.

Most Standout Moment: How Swamp Thing kills Ferret in a slow, agonising death - he deserved it!

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