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My Week With Halloween Films in 2014 - Day 3

Date: Friday 31st October 2014
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Creepshow 2 (1987)

Creepshow 2 is a collection of 3 stories in one film, the first is about an old couple who get murdered, during the robbery of their store, by a young rebellious North American Indian - of the possessions that get stolen, one is a gift from earlier by an older North American Indian. In revenge, the wooden statue of a generic North American Indian, looked after by the male of the older couple, comes to life and murders the perpetrators of the robbery. In the second film, 2 young couples drive to a lake with a wooden raft in the middle, however, there is something strange lurking in the lake with them, and it's hungry. The last film centers around an adulterous wife who ends up driving into a hitch-hiker and decides not to help said victim. During the drive home, she is follwed by the same zombified corpse who doesn't seem to want to give up.

Not a bad set of films but not quite as good as the first Creepshow. The last film was using the usual “dead zombie hitch-hiker accident” that's been done a thousand times over and the other two films could have had a little more added to them, like a little more suspense, but it's still more watchable than Stranded!

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