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How times change...

Date: Tuesday 31st August 2010
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Just recently marks the first time, in 15yrs, that I've actually bought a sound card, a Creative Audigy SE, in fact. Back in my day (queue rocking chair and smoking pipe) sound cards were required to do most things, including gaming. The setup I had was:

  • AMD K6-200
  • 32MB RAM - mmaaaan those were the days!!*
  • 2MB Cirrus Logic Video Card - upgraded to a Voodoo 3 on the old AGP slots years later
  • Creative Sound Blaster 16 - ISA Slot
  • Quad speed CD-ROM Drive
  • 2.1GB Hard Drive running Windows 95

*32MB RAM!!!! I remember old school flight sims like (Super)EF2000 and TFX wanting max of 8MB RAM to run WITHOUT a 3D card

TFX (Tatical Fighter Experiment) - There you go! 2MB and it still looks great!

Then technology moved on so that sound chips were better integrated into the motherboard meaning that you didn't have to buy a sound card anymore. The only reason I did was because of The Cynical Gamer needing me to record my games via screen capture.

Unfortunately it seems that laptops have better sound chips than desktop motherboards and that is to be expected and in a lot of ways, after testing the new card with some games, it was a worthwhile investment.

I suppose you are expecting me to post my new TCG vid....

Well, the suspense will be killing you more than me, so I'll make you wait a little longer!

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