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Retro Collect VGM 2015 and Saturn Import Games

Date: Wednesday 29th April 2015
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Back in February I went to Leeds, with a friend, to Retro Collect's second Video Game Market, which was much bigger than last year and the prices were affordable. It wasn't just the games that were available on sale, there were other consoles and micro computers like the ZX Spectrum (boxed and unboxed), lcd games, gaming t-shirts and lots more. I went hoping to get the Action Replay cart for the Sega Saturn and was thinking about getting a ZX Spectrum and possibly some games.

I winded up getting the Action Replay cart and Soviet Strike for the Saturn.

Retro Collect's Video Game Market held in Leeds Town Hall

I'd been thinking about going down the import route on the Saturn because although it has a decent sized library, in comparison to the Dreamcast, there are some pretty interesting games on the import side, for example Gungriffon and DoDonPatchi. I was also going thinking of getting the DC-X import CD for the Dreamcast since there are some interesting import games for the Dreamcast too, like Typing of the Dead and Ikaruga, but I don't feel that there are as much interesting imports on the Dreamcast as there are on the Saturn.

As Play Blackpool is around the corner, I've built a list of games for the Sega Saturn and came up with a total of 49 games to get, with over half coming from the Japanese side. I'm also looking at getting the Virtua Tennis series for the Dreamcast to play over the Summer, including possibly doing a Let's Play video, of one of the games, on my channel as a Summer special.

Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast

Some of the Japanese games on the list are text heavy but that doesn't bother me much as I've been watching videos on how to read Japanese so coupled with a Japanese dictionary that should come in handy. The rest of the games are pretty light on Japanese Kanji and generally use mostly English, except for the menus. I'll update this blog after the coming weekend with how the Play Blackpool event went including what pickups I got.

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