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My Week With Halloween Films in 2015 - Day 1

Date: Tuesday 27th October 2015
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The Bride of Chucky - Child's Play 4 (1998)

So to kick start this year of a week of Halloween films, we begin with the Bride of Chucky (Child's Play 4). Following on from Child's Play 3 the Chucky doll is locked in a police lockup, that includes items such as Jason Vorhees mask, the Michael Myers mask, the glove of Freddy Kruger and other iconic items. A bent cop is sent to pick up said doll for someone called Tiffany, who we later learn is Chucky's ex, and like Chucky isn't afraid to spill a little blood every now and then. After resurrecting the Chucky doll with the aid of a Dummies book on Voodoo, Tiffany ends up locking Chucky in a playpen and torments him after she hears he had no intention of ever marrying her. Chucky breaks out of his playpen prison, murders Tiffany and, in an act of revenge, binds her soul to the female doll she tormented him with earlier. Now both bound by their plastic prisons they decide to go back to Chucky's human grave to get the amulet needed to help restore them back into real bodies.

As sequels go, this isn't too much of a bad effort, the kills are numerous, imaginative and the humour isn't too cheesy or out of place. Putting Tiffany into a doll, like Chucky, was an interesting move and the film plays it off quite well.

Most imaginative kill: Upon seeing their (Chucky and Tiffany's) “hostages” get their money stolen in the honeymoon suite from the other “couple” Tiffany enacts murderous revenge by using a champagne bottle to break the overhanging mirror into many sharp shards.

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