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Come Dine With Me

Date: Sunday 27th September 2009
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Come Dine With Me is a show on Channel 4 where 4 or 5 contestants host dinner parties for each other and then score each other for doing so, for the chance to win £1000. Originally, my partner and I assumed that each contestant had to cough up the dough to fund the ingredients needed for their chosen 3 course meal. That is, until, one person blurted it out during their "blah blah blah, ooooh look at me! aren't I fucking amazing...oh, am I supposed to be talking about food???? nahhhh! Me me me me me me me!" speech.

So the thought of being given £120 for food expenses to compete to win £1000 is quite appealing....until you watch the show.

Why do TV shows have the fucking MOST pretentious arseholes appear on them? Why would I want to spend a week with a group of people who I would end up cooking anyway and sending their cooked carcasses to their families a la Come Dine With Me Extreme Makeover Edition!!

If they gave me the chance to win £5000 I'd go for it, the compensation would be worth it!

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