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My Week With Halloween Films in 2018 - Day 1

Date: Friday 26th October 2018
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Tarantula (1955)

A small town doctor, Matt Hastings, is called to check out the cause of a man's death, seen in the very start of this film. On looking over him, he is puzzled to what the cause of the death is. In a discussion between Matt and the local sheriff it is revealed that the man could be a known scientist operating outside of the town. A fellow scientist, Professor Gerald Deemer, is called to see the body and the name guess from earlier was proved to be correct. It turns out that the dead scientist died from a rare disease - something that Matt is suspicious about due to the details regarding the dead man. Gerald Deemer returns back to his lab and we can see the experiments he is conducting on various small rodents and a tarantula - they seem to be artificially growing the subjects in an accelerated state. As Gerald is conducting a new experiment, a mutated man, similar to the earlier dead man's state, comes to attack Gerald. They struggle and the glass that held the bigger tarantula gets smashed, resulting in an escaping tarantula.

I've wanted to see an oldie for a while and it's a nice change to see a black and white film, especially a B-movie horror. Well acted and an enjoyable film!

Most creepiest moment: I'm not a big spider fan, so seeing the spider move was a little creepy but not as creepy as seeing the spider face coming down on a victim.

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