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Captain America Filmed in Manchester

Date: Wednesday 22nd September 2010
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Yes, it's true. The first I heard of it was last night when a mate of ours said he'd been around the set, a day before they started shooting. They'd allowed people to have a look as long as noone misbehaved.

Where??? I hear you cry? Around Dale Street to be precise:

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Also Johnny Depp decided to make an appearance in the rainy city of Manchester, we presumed he'd be around to see his mates (Tommy Lee Jones?) and, well, its a superhero film isn't it!

The film stars Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel. L. Jackson and Chris not THAT Chris Evans

Pictures?? Oh yeah, why not

The wall at the far end is actually a painted fake wall

Love the clocks

Nice authentic 1940's style cars!

Another shot of the cars

As we were walking around we heard the simulated gun fire, not long after seeing the sign that warned of gunfire and explosions.

Amusingly, when my girlfriend told a couple of lads who'd queried what film was being filmed the response from them was a blank expression.

YOU'RE GUYS. THIS IS CAPTAIN MOTHERFUCKING AMERICA - surely you should show *some* enthusiasm?

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