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Plans for 2017

Date: Sunday 15th January 2017
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Last year was pretty good, mainly since I managed to finally release the E.T. remake after 8 years of on/off development. There are still some bugs and bits to be added but it is playable.

This year I'm working on a new PC game called Annihilator – a scrolling shoot 'em up with parallax scrolling. I am also working through the Mega Drive programming tutorials using 68k assembler. I was hoping to release a quick Christmas game for the Mega Drive, but I didn't finish the tutorials as I had some problems getting the code to run properly.

Font image data with strings to compose sentences on the Mega Drive via 68k assembler

Other projects I'd like to do this year are:

  • finish off the ZX Spectrum game (Bob the Space Janitor) and iron out the bugs
  • start work on a quick Vectrex game
  • make a quick Mega Drive game
  • start learning Amiga assembler (after the Mega Drive project, this should be a little easier)

Whether I finish Annihilator this year remains to be seen but I don't want to spend 8 years on/off doing it. Personally I can't see that happening and I recon maybe 2 years at the most. But we'll see where I am around Summertime.

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