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...and how things stay the same

Date: Thursday 2nd September 2010
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Thats one thing I can never work out about the modern games industry, as a lot of things have changed in the past 20 years and mostly that is in the size and complexity in gaming, but nothing has changed about the AI (artificial intelligence).

Quite simply it still sucks

The only game that I can think of with some decent AI in it is Epic Megagame's Unreal (1998). Y'know back before they started selling the Unreal Engine like candyfloss. The enemies, Skarrj especially, would react to your attacks by rolling and jumping around. Mercenaries would throw up arm/full body shields (when they used the arm shields I remember being forced to use the sniper rifle just to get a shot in!)

Skarrj - Annoying beaties, but a joy to fight

Mercenary - Ability to use shield belts and buckler style shields, also uses a few different weapons

And what do we get now? Laughable AI that makes FPS's and other games a breeze to play. All because some asshole MBA thinks tried and tested, jizz faced graphics and the same damn engine is all that gamers want.

There's also the problem behind "Hollywood Scripting", I'll get to that another time.

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