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My Week With Halloween Films in 2016 - Day 7

Date: Tuesday 1st November 2016
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Phantasm (1979)

During the funeral of Tommy, who was killed moments earlier in the film, Mike Pearson sees and hears strange goings-on within the funeral grounds, especially with The Tall Man - the local mortician. Not only that, there are some mysterious deaths happening within the town.

I was pretty sure I'd seen this film before but after seeing it, I don't remember it - I must have seen a sequel and thought it was the first one. The film, much like Ghoulies, has a slow buildup and like Ghoulies, when the action does get going it doesn't disappoint. There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding The Tall Man that is kept throughout the film. There is also some complete WTF moments that catch you off guard but doesn't distract from the film too much.

Most Jump Scare Moment: When Mike is at home locking up the windows, on one set of curtains he opens The Tall Man is there.

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