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My Week with Sci-fi Films in 2018 - Day 1

Date: Tuesday 1st May 2018
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Arena (1989)

A cook, Steve Armstrong, and his friend, Shorty, are kicked out of their jobs for fighting with a customer. Shorty decides to help Steve Armstrong and allows Steve to stay with him. During their time Shorty learns that Steve Armstrong was trained to fight in the Arena but wouldn't go after how corrupted it has become - not only that, there hasn't been a humanoid fighter in the past 50 years.

They are visited by two men who take revenge on Steve for the earlier fight with the customer as it turns out that said customer was one of their best fighters in the arena. Steve puts up a good fight and bests them. He is offered a fighting contract but refuses. He and Shorty then go to an unlicensed gambling bar but that gets busted and Shorty steals the casino cash. They are soon caught and are made to cough up the money which causes Steve to take up the fighting contract he refused earlier.

Best Moment: Just the ability to see Marc Alaimo and Armin Shimerman play characters very similar to Dukat and Quark.

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